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Configuration of your BlastChat communication system (Chat, Shout and Bar) is separated into 2 areas.

  1. BlastChat Manager contains mostly security related parameters and general definitions.
  2. Files located on your own webserver under "BlastChat Config" extension directory are responsible mostly for visual/presentation layer.
 "BlastChat Config" extension directory files

Joomla: components/com_blastchatconfig/config
Drupal: sites/default/modules/blastchat/config
WordPress: wp-content/plugins/blastchat/config

If any of the files is non existing in the "config" directory, copy it from "config_default" directory.

system.js - system wide definitions
rooms.js - define your rooms and definitions that apply to all users
groups.js - define user groups
roomsgroups.js - overwrite rooms.js system wide definitions for a particular group of users
emoticons.js - define your emoticons
sounds.js - define your sounds
api.blastchat.php - for more in-depth integration with your website

css/main.css - main CSS definitions
css/icons.css - icons CSS definitions
css/emoticons.css - emoticons CSS definitions
css/sounds.css - soudns CSS definitions

images/ - directory containing image files

js/ - directory containing supporting javascript files

sounds/ - directory containing sound files

languages/en.js - English translation file