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Group configuration parameters

You can place any of the following parameters into your config/groups.js file to overwrite default values for each room that you need to.

Example of a group definition:

bcgroup = new Object();
bcgroup.id = 1;
bcgroup.name = "Guest";
bcgroup.iconClass = "bcUserGroupIconGuest";
//additional parameters here

You should copy this code for each group you would like to create.

Parameter name

Default value


bcgroup.id (mandatory)   Number
Identification number of the group (must be unique value in your system)
bcgroup.name "Guest" String

bcgroup.weight 0 Integer
higher the weight value, stronger the user type
bcgroup.instantMessagingShowUserList true Boolean
show bar userlist
bcgroup.instantMessagingFriends Boolean false
show friends of this user in bar userlist
bcgroup.instantMessagingGroups "all" String/Array
show only users belonging to these groups in bar userlist, possible values:
- "all" will show all groups,
- [] will show no groups,
- [0,1] will show users belonging to group id 0 and 1
bcgroup.baseClass "bcUserGroupIcon" String
icon base class
bcgroup.iconClass "bcUserGroupIconGuest" String
icon class
bcgroup.access true Boolean

bcgroup.adminAccess false Boolean
access to admin features
bcgroup.adminKick false Boolean
can user kick other users who belong to less 'weight' group from whole system?
bcgroup.adminBan false Boolean
can user ban other users who belong to less 'weight' group for whole system?